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“Too arrogant, too arrogant” Tianlai Fairy also felt incredible, because when she arrived just now, she also heard clearly the words of Shang Tianhe, the “King of Cold Flame” under the “Shang Emperor”, and was extremely shocked by the words of the mysterious “Shang Emperor” and “Yin Emperor” who wanted to make a move and prepare to refine Hong Yi: “The sun and the moon are in time and space. It is not unusual that there have always been powerful beings, and there were also some monks living in them in ancient times. My father, Zhengqizi, has also looked at it carefully. Above the turbulence of the void, hundreds of millions of miles have passed, and it is close to the sun and the moon. Because of the powerful force of the tide, the time and space there are changing. The uncanny workmanship of nature has opened up a lot of time and space. In ancient times, there were some people who avoided the world in the Middle Ages. The Taoist who lives in seclusion will practice peacefully in it. With the help of the true fire of the sun and the moon, he will refine his body, cultivate medicines, and sacrifice some powerful magic weapons. However, there should be no master of the realm of Yang God in it. It is not the realm of Yang God. If you want to deal with Hong Yi, I think you are arrogant. I don’t know how high the sky is. “I also want to see, the so-called Shang Huang, Yin Huang is what kind of existence” Hong Yi chews the words of the heavenly fairy, “as the saying goes, ordinary people are innocent, Huai Bi is guilty, I have the experience of impacting the realm of Yang Shen, this is’Bi ‘, but I am not ordinary people,thermal imaging camera, there are still people who hit my idea just that Shang Tianhe, it is very strange, the blood on the body is like a person. The acupoints and orifices are complete. But it has the blood of gods and beasts such as Jinwu, Phoenix, Fire, Fire Beast and Red Owl, which are condensed into blood. This kind of blood is a hundred times stronger than human blood, and its melting ability is extremely strong. This kind of blood is not innate. It seems to be a kind of strong and noble blood that people cultivate and refine from generation to generation. “This is called the true blood of Yan Shang, which is indeed a noble bloodline and a legacy of ancient times.” Just then, Huang Yanyan spoke,digital signage kiosk, looked at Hong Yi, his eyes flashed, and said cautiously. Oh? Remains of ancient times? With a half-smile, Hong Yi played with the “Chariot of the Flame King” in his hand and nodded: “Good chariot, good chariot, made of the elite fire spirits of the sun’s inner core mixed with the sun’s sky copper and red fire copper, and these nine golden birds are the fire immortals of the eternal seal. True Qi runs through one gas, spits out fire pills, burns the void, and there are many big arrays. Sitting on them, they can also refine the body of yuan. Possess the most wonderful use. Concentrating on spiritual practice, resisting the enemy, and flying in one, it is a rare treasure between heaven and earth. The Wu family also has a chariot, which is the chariot of the ancient God of war, but compared with this chariot, it is still inferior. For this magic weapon, betray me. It’s really worth it. Huang Yanyan, digital signage screen ,interactive whiteboard prices, what do you think? Archaic Jinwu is a powerful existence comparable to Kirin. Now there are nine Jinwu chariots in this chariot, and they are tamed like puppets. True Qi communicates with each other. Ninety-nine in one, which shows how powerful the chariot is. Hong Yi felt that although this magic weapon could not be compared with “Zushen Mountain” and “Immortal Battle Flag”, it was superior to “Tongtian Xiuzhen Shwedagon Pagoda” and was as powerful as “Sky City”. It’s enough to sell yourself for this rare treasure. Hong Yi, you’re wrong about me. I’m just making a false promise. Huang Yanyan’s face turned pale for a moment. Then he said, “The power of Shang Tianhe is powerful, and his Taoism is exquisite. If I don’t make a false promise to the snake and accommodate him in secret, I’m afraid I’ll be directly sealed face to face, and I’ll be refined so that there’s no dregs left.” “That’s the truth.” Hong Yi still seems to smile, also seems to believe the words of Huang Yanyan, and seems not to believe, people can not figure out his mind, “this Shang Tianhe can run away in my hands, is the same master as Xu Gongzi.”. He himself said that he was one of the three real kings under the Shang Emperor? It can be seen that there are two masters under the emperor of the Shang Dynasty, whose power is less than half of the central world, and can be eradicated, so as not to have a long dream in the future.
” “Are you going to deal with it now?” When Tianlai Fairy heard Hong Yi’s words, she was stupefied: “The time and space of the sun and the moon above the void turbulence are extremely complicated. The more you go up, the stronger the erosion of the sun and the moon is. There are many space faults. The small world is more complicated than the labyrinth of moments. Even if you go up, I’m afraid you won’t be able to find anything for a while.”. Besides, in the time and space of the sun and the moon, it is the nest run by the other side. If it is trapped in it for a month and a half, the world will lose its host, and I am afraid it will collapse. Hong Yi, you are now the pillar of the whole world, and it is not easy to move. Indeed, if Hong Yi is trapped somewhere, a month, half a month, I am afraid the situation will be chaotic. Even the top five immortals will be ready to move. Now, although Hong Yi has established a unified situation, the core is his own power deterrence. Without the deterrence of core strength, the situation is precarious and shaky. Of course I won’t move. I’m very sober about the situation now. “Hong Yi smiled.” Otherwise, I would have killed Shang Tianhe long ago. Now let Shang Tianhe go, put a long line, drop a big fish, and find out everything. ” As he spoke, he threw the “Chariot of the Flame King” at the heavenly fairy: “This magic weapon is of no use to me, so I will give it to you for self-defense.” “So.”. The sounds of nature are not polite. As soon as the heavenly fairy pulled the chariot back, it sank into her sleeve, and in an instant a flame flashed out of her body, shaking and flashing, alternating light and shade, hot and cold, apparently refining the rare treasure. This series of scenes, see Huang Yanyan heart is not taste, but she did not dare to argue with Hong Yi, just delicate eyebrows move, the heart does not know what to think. Let’s go Hong Yi took a faint look at the flame of the phoenix, moved his body, and went away with the heavenly fairy. Hey, “seeing Hong Yi leave, Huang Yanyan felt relaxed, but also with a pity, relaxed is that Hong Yi did not pursue her, unfortunately, a magic weapon missed.”. Her constitution, is the true fire constitution,temperature scanning kiosks, if you get the flame king chariot, and then get the fire method taught by Shang Tianhe, you can impact the realm of the creator.

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