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The Red Eagle and others who were waiting outside immediately raised their eyebrows. The Defense Minister’s livid face seemed to be smiling and angry at this time. Although he did not move his body and his eyes did not look at Qi Mo from beginning to end, the shaking of the muscles behind his ears was clearly seen by Lihu, who was just standing behind him. Lihu touched his nose gently and turned his face sideways. Son of a bitch, you forced me to come. “Ah, Qi Mo, I’ll kill you.” One side of the string of pain and clamor, so that Qi Mo’s face in the outer room has sunk to the top, standing behind him the red eagle, Lihu and others looked at each other and pulled the corners of their mouths, Qi Mo’s murderous look, has spread to the entire outer room, inside the heart of glass also dare to curse, clamor, now they don’t worry about whether the heart of glass is infected by radiation, anyway, even if there is no radiation, It is impossible to survive from Qi Mo. God bless her. Standing in the front of Qi Mo’s hands behind his back, tightly clenched into fists, the already white knuckles, people do not need to look at his face to know his anger, but from beginning to end he did not say a word, nor did he give a direct order, let them throw the glass heart that will come out later into the sea to feed sharks,Faux cherry blossom tree, just indifferent, indifferent scary. Liver function is normal. “Cardiopulmonary function is normal.” “Kidney function is normal.” Accompanied by Lixin’s cries of pain and scolding, the test results came out one by one. This machine can almost be said to be the most advanced testing instrument in the world. It can detect the potential hazards that ordinary machines can’t detect as quickly as possible, and at the same time, it can get the most official and correct results. Qi Mo, standing outside the door, heard the test reports coming out one by one. The murderous look of the original storm gradually converged, but the anger directly appeared on his face. Lihu immediately raised his eyebrows and observed three minutes of silence for the glass heart in the inner room. If there was anything abnormal,fake ficus tree, maybe Qi Mo had really passed, but now everything was normal. He dared to curse so loudly just now. He was dead. Analysis results come out one by one, Qi Mo listens to listen to suddenly sink a track: “Why isn’t the blood test result?” All the items have been detected, but the report of hemodialysis is missing. As soon as Qi Mo’s voice fell, the head of the testing personnel inside just came out and looked at the defense minister and said: “The blood results of this young lady can’t come out today. It’s a bit complicated.” Hearing this, Qi Mo immediately looked at the inspectors mercilessly and said word by word: “What’s unusual? Say it.” The inspector saw that the defense minister had a calm face and nodded his head. At that moment, he looked at Qi Mo’s particularly gloomy face. Seeing that Qi Mo’s breath was spooky and frightening, he could not help trembling slightly and said: “Her blood is very special. We don’t know all the blood types now. We can’t tell for a while whether there is any abnormality or whether it belongs to a special blood type. Now the blood experts are getting up.” We still need time. Hearing this, Qi Mo frowned slightly and said in a deep voice, “As soon as possible.” He pushed the door open and went inside. Inside, Li Xin seemed to have suffered a great torture on the instrument platform, all over the body was sweat, the mechanism that bound her hands and feet had been removed, but she had no strength to collapse on the instrument platform, not to stop breathing heavily, to get dressed without strength. When Qi Mo came in, silk olive tree ,artificial plant wall panels, he saw Li Xin lying naked on the instrument table. His chest, which kept rising and falling, could explain how painful everything he had just experienced. He walked up with a calm face and saw Li Xin gasping with his eyes closed. The sweat all over his body was like a bath, and he could not help frowning slightly. The glass heart originally closed his eyes in the breath, feel cold but can burn people’s line of sight, can not help but slightly open his eyes to see Qi Mo calm face looking at her, the eyes of the sulk is not blocked, pain sometimes makes dull, but it may also make sober, at present the glass heart is a very sober example. Seeing Qi Mo looking at her with a bad face, Li Xin suddenly cried out in her heart that she would definitely be infected by radiation, after all, so close to those, this element is very aggressive, so she vented her dissatisfaction with Qi Mo in front of Qi Mo and so many people.
And just now the pain was so great that she couldn’t help venting her anger against Qi Mo in her heart. First, she thought that with such good facilities, she could not hear the scolding inside and outside. Finally, when Qi Mo spoke, she realized that it was as clear as in her ear. At this time, Qi Mo’s angry eyes were full of anger, and she knew that most of her life was all right. Li Xin suddenly has a feeling that this life has been waved away, staring at the eyes do not know how to say. Qi Mo saw Li Xin looking at him awkwardly and said in a cold voice, “I will settle this account with you.” Pulled the blanket next to him with a loud noise, quickly wrapped the glass heart in it, reached out and hugged it and left. Li Xin originally did not realize that he had nothing to wear, at this time Qi Mo so action, Li Xin suddenly remembered, not by a red face, hide his head in Qi Mo’s arms, although the upper body has been used to Qi Mo, but this is naked ah, fortunately, Qi Mo this person can not be judged by ordinary people’s eyes. Where is Jiaowen? Sitting in the special room arranged by the Minister of Defense for a short rest, Qi Mo hugged Li Xin and frowned at Li Hu Dao. Li Xin half crawled on Qi Mo’s leg and curled up in Qi Mo’s arms. I’m dealing with the aftermath. Lihu immediately returned, borrowing warships, submarines, these official things, and such a big shock on the high seas, radioactive materials, destroyed things, all of which required people to contact the Ministry of Defense and the National Security Agency, the Red Eagle and other identities were not enough, only Jiaowen came forward. Qi Mo Wen Yan gave a cold grace, conveniently holding the glass heart in a fixed position in his arms, with injuries from the impact of water pressure on his back, gunshot wounds in front and the scars from the collision that had just been brought out of the boat, the glass heart was black and blue, unable to climb, unable to lie down, and could only be held in his arms. When the defense minister saw that Qi Mo did not speak,outdoor ficus tree, his face stiffened slightly and he said, “Master Qi, there is something wrong with our source of information this time. We will give you an explanation. Now I am going to deal with these problems and try to find out the correct information as soon as possible.” 。

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